– Firstly, I was only running during my workouts but after some time because of purposefulness, I invade into the largest World competitions. The main challenge begins when you are physically, emotionally and psychologically tired. Anyone at this point can give up and stop, but only a few of us win this challenge. 

– Running for me is only the hobby and I’m eight hours per day hard working man. But this does not stop me of fighting with world elite runners. I finished 20 ultra marathons from 2012y., participated in 5 World or Europe ultra races. My ITRA rank is 862, biggest achievements –  TransGranCanaria – 8th (2016y), Trail World championship – 20th (2016y.), National record “100km on the treadmill“ per 7:15h.

– Ultra is not just a simple running, it’s a way of living. As you grow up, you naturally want to do more, to break standards, go beyond limits, and to conquer yourself. When I was 25 years old, I overcame my first ultra running competition, when everyone around me was trying to discourage me by saying that I am too young and that such long distances are bad for health. Mountains were the hardest part, so for me it was the biggest challenge. Every hill has become a fight against myself. Self – conquering gives running a charm.


12833451_10208972484099133_1103817428_nTRANSGRANCANARIA 2016

Transgrancanaria (TGC) for me is one of the most impressive ultra-trail races with a unique environment and amazing landscape crossing of the island. I have to admit, the course with brutal and relentless 8 vertical kilometers climbing under night darkness and day heat is really difficult. I’m really happy, that there were even 12 runners from Lithuania in this first Ultra-Trail World Tour Series race. Of course the biggest applause goes to Gediminas Grinius for his 2nd place fight.

This year I took amazingly high 8th place with 14h 30min when last year I spend 18h 33min in TGC. I knew many strong elite trail runners were coming to island, that’s why my aim was to be in the top twenty, and my dream – top ten. All the 125 km to finish line were full of emotions, fighting with myself and other experiences – briefly about all that in this post.     More…


11024726_1568953423360764_2150754626190156042_oTRANSGRANCANARIA 2015


Probably the worst thing after the race is to return to your comfort zone. It is impossible to describe what you truly felt, while you was tired or exhausted. But at the same moment after crossing the finish line you want to return and start it over and over again. Especially after really good trail race. Here are a few words about my longes and most difficult race of my life – Transgrancanaria, one of the most spectacular World Cup race with 127.5 km. of beauty and 8666 m. of vertical anguish.


Preparation. There are no mountains in Lithuania at all, but I realized, that I must feel vertical kilometer. That’s why I kept on running to up and down one hill for hours. It was the basis for my preparation.    More …